DVDs and Photos and Pr0n, oh my!

Just in case you’re not yet aware, a few über-hot DVDs have been released at ShopCorbinFisher.com – Tres Facheros, All American Loads, and Magna Cum Loudly are all for sale.  As always CF members get a fat discount on purchases of any merchandise at the store!

People have also been snatching up prints and more from CorbinFisherPhotography.com.  In fact, mousepads are the second-highest seller there after actual 8×10 prints themselves.  I wasn’t entirely certain how the non-print merchandise would sell when we launched the photography store but apparently people love them some hot mousepads.

At the photography store, use the CAMPUS10 coupon code between now and the end of March and get 10% off!  But shh… that’s our little secret.

Corbin Fisher Photography


The guys heat up Tahoe!

I can’t believe I’ve been living in Nevada for almost 3 years now and still have not made it up to Tahoe.  I keep telling myself I need to go, but just haven’t gotten around to it.  I suspect, one of these summers, I’ll take advantage of the opportunity to escape to some elevation and nice weather and get the heck out of the desert to see what Tahoe is all about.

Trenton, Kellan, Marc and Quinn all know what Tahoe is about (though their travel itinerary is probably a bit different than my own)!  They got to run up to Tahoe and explore the lake, surrounding area, and each other’s sphincters for several days and had a blast doing it!

Thankfully, we captured all the juicy stuff on camera and let’s just say that mountain air must make these boys horny and dirty!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I really think something special happens when you get a bunch of guys on a trip like this as the sex seems to just take on this whole new level and get amped up.  As Spinal Tap would say, the horniness factor goes up to 11 on these shoots!

Heating Up TahoeIf you haven’t checked out the Collection on CF Select yet, you absolutely must!  At the very least, you need to check out the trailer!  If that doesn’t get you all riled up and ready to see these four studs in action, I don’t know what will!


CorbinFisherPhotography.com is up!

Corbin Fisher PhotographyHere’s something you might be interested in!  We’ve launched CorbinFisherPhotography.com!  At the site, you can browse through tons and tons of our most popular images featuring your favorite guys, and order prints, cards, framed prints – heck, you can even get a Connor coffee mug and Trenton t-shirt (but if you do get a Trenton t-shirt, or one featuring any other guy, you must send me a photo of you wearing it!).

You’ll see that ordering prints is fairly easy – you browse through and select the image(s) you want, then select the physical item you want to have feature that image (print, cards, and so on).  If you need to crop the image at all, you’ll be prompted to do so.  During the shopping process, you can also click on items for descriptions of what they entail and feature.  Then, simply order up!  SmugMug, the company we’ve partnered with to do this, handles it all and gets the stuff to ya!

During on-location shoots, it’s not uncommon for our photographer to snap some pretty cool pics of the local sights and scenery and we’ve included those, as well, in case you might want ‘em.  We’ll also constantly be adding new photos so keep checking back!



Note for CF10 VIPs

If you attended the VIP events for #CF10, check your email!  And keep an eye out for your photos in your physical snail mail also.  hehe.  I figure it’s a good idea to post this here because spam filters love me.