Zeb and Kenny online Oct 30!

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Oct 30, 2013 – Between 6 and 9PM, PST, both Zeb and Kenny will be spending some time online at CorbinFisherLive.com!

Kenny’s Page

Zeb’s Page

Corbin Fisher Live!

Offer expires Monday, Oct 28!

Offer expires Monday, Oct 28!

Our first CF Stud lost his live chat cherry this week, with Harper hopping online at CorbinFisherLive.com to chat it up with fans and play around a bit.  Well, Harper’s hooked!  So expect to see a lot of him over the weekend.  Just keep an eye on CorbinFisherLive.com, as well as Harper’s page there, to catch him online!

We’ve created a new page here at Corbin’s Campus (and it will always be available through the navigation menu above), and will use it to announce upcoming live shows – but sometimes there’s just no knowing when a guy may choose to hop on whenever they feel like it.  We’ll try and keep you posted through Twitter, though!

In the meantime, from Oct 25, 2013 to Oct 28, 2013 we’re running a special promo with CF Live!  When you buy credits and use promo code CFLIVE20 you get an additional 20% credit bonus!  So it’s a great time to load up on credits to use on CF guys’ shows!  Register here!

Harper Live

A History of Corbin Fisher Brothers

Hot, wet brothers shirtless and in the pool? Yes, please!

Hot, wet brothers shirtless and in the pool? Yes, please!

This week’s new CF Freshman is Tyler – a hot, young stud that joins last week’s new CF Freshman and his older brother, Taylor!  As you can imagine, I’m quite thrilled about Tyler and Taylor joining CF, despite how often I’ll probably mix up their names from this point forward.  Both of these guys are hot in their own right, but now they’re at CF!  Together!  Naked!  (OK… in separate videos but you know what I mean).

Tyler and Taylor aren’t the first two brothers to appear at Corbin Fisher, though.  A handful of sibling pairs have appeared at CF in the past and here we have the definitive guide to Corbin Fisher brothers (unless I forgot a pair, then this isn’t so much a definitive guide as it is a casual glance at)!

See the CF brothers after the jump!


Some Corbin Fisher Gay Porn Reaction Gifs

I recently posted about this Buzzfeed article: Gay Porn Reaction Gifs.  After seeing that, how could I not try and make some of my own?!  With some careful cropping, it would seem guys’ facial expressions mid-porn action can make for some handy non-porn reaction gifs.  I’m sure we can all empathize with some of the se situations:

When you look down and see a huge spider on the ground:


When you ride one of those old wooden roller coasters:


When you can’t get that damn pickle jar open:


When you first put your foot in that freezing cold water:


When you finally get that one contact lense to slip back in to place:


When you try and pop your ears after getting off a long plane flight:


When that insanely sad Sarah McLachlan “In the aaaarms of an angel” SPCA commercial comes on TV:


Here’s a couple more, featuring Aiden and Smith.  I couldn’t come up with a good gay porn reaction idea for these two but they are too good to not come up with something!  Any suggestions from you guys?