Fancy Schmancy New Downloads at CF Select!

As part of the many upgrades and new features we’re working on, we completely overhauled and updated the download system at CF Select – and just in time for the super hot video coming out this Memorial Day weekend!  Our new downloading and content delivery system is designed to allow for:

  • Faster downloads of individual files
  • Faster downloads with multiple files simultaneously (so, it’s perfect for when you buy a whole Collection and what it all as soon as possible)
  • Fewer interruptions, if any
  • Faster and more efficient downloads for when there’s gazillions of different users downloading videos on the site – a big issue when popular Collections and Exclusive updates are released.

We’re testing out this new system on CF Select and seeing how it works, and will then be implementing it across our sites.

For a lot of our new features and elements, it’s always a good idea to have the most up-to-date browser you can – so, no I.E. 2.0BC, por favor!

Suggested versions:

  • Chrome 35 and newer
  • I.E. 11 and newer
  • Firefox 29 and newer
  • Safari 7 and newer

With new features and systems, it will also come in handy to keep your Java up to date.

And how was that for the most boring Corbin’s Campus update ever?!

To keep things sufficiently porny… anyone seen Ellis get two wangs in his butt over at yet?

Leave a comment, win a video!

News Flash!  The CF crew is shooting on-location now, somewhere on planet earth.  The first 5 people to correctly guess the city they’re shooting in win a free CF Select video of their choice.

Hint?  2014 is our 10th anniversary year, and this location has quite a bit of meaning there.

Easy enough?  I think so!  Post your guesses as comments!


FYI – to make things a little more interesting, I won’t let comments appear until we’ve had the 5 winners.  So no piggybacking off others’ guesses!  I can see pending guesses so will know who won, then will reveal ’em once we hit 5!  Muahahah!

UPDATE – We have winners!  Kansas City, MO is the location!  10  years ago, Corbin Fisher started out in Missouri!  While the site launched in January of 2004, in actuality we could even say we’re celebrating our 11th anniversary because we started filming about a year prior to launch, to build up content and get material ready for when the site would first go online – and that all took place in the Kansas City, MO area.  If you remember CF’s early videos and photos, with that red brick wall and at the graffiti-covered bridge, you’re seeing the old KC days.  Congrats to the winners!

Campus Updates!

Who knew a blog would require so much work?!  Not me, or I never would have started one! 😛

Doing some backend and database changes to ye olde Corbin’s Campus but once those are complete we’ll be able to update this sucker way more often and get some neat stuff on here.  So, in case you still even visit this site, thanks for your patience! :)

In the meantime, here’s these sexy studs.

Josh and Kennedy

Josh and Kennedy

Happy Monday!



(Testing out doing a quick little update from my phone :P)