An Assortment of Model Selfies

We’re not the only ones taking pics of the models – they manage to take many a photo of themselves, as well!  Granted, we ask them to take photos of themselves on a fairly regular basis – one of the things we do when scheduling guys for a shoot is to have them send us a few new self pics to make sure they haven’t gotten any new tattoos on their face, dyed their hair blue, pierced their foreheads or grown an 8th nipple anywhere.  But I’m sure they’d be snapping a lot of photos of themselves in front of the mirror whether or not we asked – if I looked like them, I’d never stop taking pics of myself!

Well, why not share some of these photos with you folk?

Behold, after the jump, CF model selfies!



Did I Just See A Digital Ripley?

So I was walking through one of Las Vegas’ many casinos when I spotted a slot machine with this symbol on it:

Ripley? Believe it or not...

Ripley? Believe it or not…

Am I the only one that thinks that guy looks a whole lot like Ripley?

CF's Ripley

CF’s Ripley

Does he have a slot machine doppelganger? Perhaps they actually based the guy in the slot machine symbol on Ripley? Maybe it actually looks nothing like Ripley and I am just prone to seeing his face all over the place because I think he’s that hot?  Either way, I put $5 in to the machine thinking Ripley would bring me good luck and promptly lost it.  So… so much for that.

In other news, have you heard we recently wrapped up shooting another European trip?  More to follow on that, but in the meantime here’s proof the guys were recently in Europe:

Pete and Josh and European sauce.

Pete and Josh and European sauce.

See… you have your ketchup and your Tabasco on that table, but notice that silly sauce that’s in front of Pete.  Our American fans who’ve been to Europe will recognize that as what the waiter brings you after telling you they don’t have A1 but have something that you might like instead; our European fans will recognize it as whatever the hell it is.

By the way, we’re still fiddling with the blog’s backend but hopefully it should all be sorted soon!




Blog updates? What blog updates?

Hi. The backend of our blog is a mess (don’t you hate it when that happens?).  So we’re fiddling with it and updating it and, once done, it should be faaantastic.  In the meantime, go watch Smith Rails Kellan at Corbin Fisher :)

European Stimulus Part 2 Is Released (well… soon anyways)

European Stimulus 2

It’s Friday. So I probably won’t be online this evening posting updates.  So now’s the time to let everyone know – Corbin Fisher’s European Stimulus Part 2 comes out this weekend!  Hooray!

This très sexy Collection picks up where Part 1 left off – with the boys in Prague – before they make their way to Paris to finish up their European adventures.  It features 4 full-length action scenes – each of which also comes with extended bonus b-roll footage!  We’re trying things a little differently this time so that everyone can enjoy the bonus footage more easily – adding it to the action clips.  Let us know what you think about that.  Personally I think it helps make the downloading and purchasing process way, way easier and also enhances the action scenes themselves, as the bonus footage often consists of stuff that actually led up to, or came right after, the sex!

So, keep an eye on CF Select this weekend and enjoy Europe with the boys – no passport required!  (Incidentally, you do have to wonder if Trey freaked out and kept thinking people were calling out his name every time he heard someone say “très” while in Paris).

Croque-monsieur time!

Croque-monsieur time!