VIP Packages On Sale for #CF10!

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CF's 10 Year Anniversary Party

CF’s 10 Year Anniversary Party

#CF10 – More Juicy Details

CF's 10 Year Anniversary Party

CF’s 10 Year Anniversary Party

More juicy details on the big party in January!  The big winner of our contest will be flown out to Vegas, put up in a hotel, and get VIP access to the party, but we’ll also soon have VIP packages available for purchase at!  Now, these VIP packages don’t include airfare and hotel, but they will include:

  • Access to our special VIP Pre-Party
  • Open Bar and loads of time mix and mingle with loads of CF studs during the Pre-Party
  • A special session in the photo booth, with a bunch of CF models
  • 8×10 photo (along with a digital copy) from your photo booth session
  • Freebie swag and other neat stuff!

I’ll keep ya posted on when VIP packages are available for sale at  Of course, the winner of our trivia contest gets all of the above, and airfare and hotel for them and a guest!   But if you want to make your own way to Vegas and handle your own accommodations (Discounted rates available here:, you can still be a VIP!

… of course, you’re all VIPs to me because I <3 each and every one of ya but that won’t get ya passed security at the party :P

#CF10 Contest

You will want to check out the #CF10 page for big news on the 10th anniversary party in Las Vegas, and your chance to win a VIP package to the event!  Each week between now and December 18th we’ll post 5 questions that only a CF fan would know the answers to.  Submit your answers to us and, if you get all 5 correct, you’ll be entered in to a chance to be flown out to Vegas to attend the party and meet the guys.  Stumped on this week’s questions?  Don’t worry – we’ll have 5 more next week and you can submit a new entry each week!  Woohoo!

Our 10th Anniversary!

Our 10th Anniversary!

A trip down memory lane…

Several years back I had cause to write up a little story about the very first gay porn I purchased.  For some reason, I came across the file on my  hard drive just now and figured I might as well post it here.  I’ve altered it slightly because the original context wouldn’t make too much sense posted now, but it’s mainly intact and the actual events themselves I’ve left unchanged.  Apologies in advance for so much text on a porn blog!

I can distinctly remember, as if it were yesterday, the moment years ago I stepped in to an adult video store and made what was a monumental and, indeed, life-changing discovery.  So nervous and tense, eyes darting around and on the lookout for anyone I knew that might spot me walking in to this place and thus discover my secret, I must have been quite the pathetic yet hilarious sight!  

It had taken me months to build up the courage to make the drive out to this adult video store, and the extent of planning that went in to it was quite absurd – it had to be far enough away from home and school that no one I knew would be around or even know it existed; it had to have a parking lot in back so my car would not be visible from the street; the journey could only be made in the middle of the night, when few would be up and about to see me.  Once inside the store, it was almost as if I ended up right back at square one and had an even greater mountain to climb.  Now came the perilous struggle to make my way to the gay section!  Planted in front of a rack of straight porn tapes (Yes!  VHS tapes!), I’d let only my eyes quickly and discretely glance over to the wall of gay videos several racks down and in a corner of the store.  I picked up and perused straight tape after straight tape, pretending to study them intently and with great interest, while actually sneaking glances over at the box covers many feet away and covered in barely discernible images of male flesh.  Any slight ounce of courage I’d build up to take a step closer to the gay videos would be immediately quashed by the slightest suspicion the clerk looked in my general direction or another customer was aware of what I was up to.

Eventually and after what must have been ages, the moment seemed right.  No other customers were around.  The clerk was busy rewinding and reloading the tapes in a wall-high stack of VHS machines that must have been broadcasting to some booths in a part of the store I’d not even seen yet.  With a straight VHS tape still in my hands and held up in front of me like a shield protecting me from suspicion and judgement, I inched my way closer and closer to that lonely wall of gay videos.  Fearing the shuffling of my feet across that linoleum floor was broadcasting to all within earshot someone was making his way towards “That Part of the Store”, I nonetheless moved on, hoping beyond hope no one had noticed or could see me.

The closer I got to that corner of the store, the more I could decipher with each nervous glance I made towards it.  Flesh-colored shapes exposed themselves to be bare pecs and muscular torsos; obscure faces confessed their unique features – eye colors, stubble, sly smiles and seductive expressions; subtle hints of what each tape might feature became that much more apparent as the suggestive poses and lettering became more and more focused.

And then I saw staring back at me a pair of eyes that made me stop in my tracks, forget any and all that was around me, and freeze in total shock and surprise.  They were blue and piercing and looked both at and through me, and they sat amidst so stunningly handsome a face that I could hardly grasp what I was looking at.  Those eyes?  That face?  That chest?  On the cover of a gay porn movie?!  Perhaps I should not be so ashamed and scared of being in this corner of the store after all!

They were the eyes of what had to be one of the most stunningly beautiful guys I’d ever laid eyes on, and they were on the cover of a gay porn movie!  And this stunningly hot man did not look shameful or deviant or embarrassed; he was, to me, nothing short of ideal and it was obvious that tape showcased this very same young man engaging in sex with other men – sex that I’d learn, upon watching this film, could be passionate, intimate, energetic, captivating and absolutely beautiful.  There was no way anything or anyone on that tape could be anything but exquisite and marvelous or the slightest bit worthy of shame or embarrassment.  

I was fixated on that tape.  I had to have that tape.  Any sense of fear or anxiety in being seen with it was quickly abandoned.  I grabbed it off the shelf and confidently strode to the counter to purchase it, and I walked out of that store with my head held high, a copy of that tape in my hand, a newfound pride and excitement in my heart, and overwhelmed with the desire to get home and watch it and see every amazing bit of action on it.

Things have changed quite a bit from back when I walked in to that remote porn store so many years ago, but so much stays the same.  What was anxiously driving to the outskirts of town for me has been replaced by nervously clicking links and loading pages for others; hiding from the eyes of clerks and strangers as I did takes the form of minimizing windows and erasing browser history for those since; the quiet and drawn out shuffle I made towards that corner of the store years ago is instead a tense and wary session on the computer for people eager to see what they set out to see, yet fearful of discovery by strangers and loved ones.  I hope, however, that what happened for me when I stared in to the eyes of that guy on that box cover back then is happening for countless others as they arrive at today – fear is replaced by pride, anxiety by excitement, shame by enthusiasm; that you realize here, as I did in that corner, sex between men is wonderful, is fascinating, is enthralling, and is beautiful – whether it takes place in a film shot in Europe many years ago, among the young men of today, or in your own home and life with whomever is lucky enough to be with you.

Did you ever have a similar moment?  Was there a movie or model that did that for you?  Was their a particular CF video, image, or guy you stumbled across one day that made you stop and stare or changed your view of guys, porn, and even yourself?  I’d love to hear your stories!