#CF11 Is Coming Up!

#CF11 Anniversary Celebration

#CF11 Anniversary Celebration

#CF11 is less than a month away, and you’re invited to join us for an awesome day and evening of fun and hanging out with your favorite CF studs!  VIP tickets are still available – head on over to ShopCorbinFisher.com so see all the cool stuff your VIP ticket gets ya!  See you in Vegas in January!

Corbin Fisher’s Best of 2014

December means it’s time to vote on the Best of 2014!  It’s been a year packed full of hot episodes, hot guys, hot Collections, and hot on-location shoots and now we’re giving all of you a chance to vote on what you think the best of this last year was!  We’ll have a Pete’s Attic show announcing the winners, with the nominees determined by star ratings and the popularity of the episodes/collections/models over the course of the year.  Put on your voting caps, and help us choose the Best of 2014!  Voting ends on Monday night, December 22, at midnight (Tuesday morning).

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CF Support!

One of the coolest new things we have to play around with since we’ve launched the new site is CorbinFisherSupport.com.  I’d encourage you all to check it out!

Any feedback and support tickets can be submitted through CorbinFisherSupport.com – and we’ll even have live help online most of the day and available to chat and answer your support inquiries in real-time!

An advantage of having a separate site for support is you can still reach us – and we can still reach you! – if the main site(s) go down.  If we’re doing updates or database upgrades or Connor spills a beer on the servers and CF itself is offline or unavailable, it no longer means you can’t reach our support system and find out what’s going on!

We use ZenDesk for our new support system, which tracks inquiries and tickets and has a whole host of other features that should streamline the process and ensure we can be here for you as much as possible, whenever possible, and as quickly as possible.  So, feel free to bookmark CorbinFisherSupport.com!

Take a Look at the New Corbin Fisher!

We’ve been quite busy here at CF on all sorts of things – not just finding hot guys and filming them having hot sex!

In what could very well be one of the most exciting developments at CF in years, we have a brand-spankin’-new site online and ready for you to check out!


Yup, it’s still in Beta.  That means we’re testing things out and seeing how it all works.  While the Beta version is online, though, you can give it a look and be among the first to see all the new features, and our new look!  Poke around, watch some episodes, check out all the new design elements – right now, you can even do all this while Enrolling (if not already a subscriber) at insaaaanely discounted rates!

What’s there to keep an eye out for and check out?

  • Well… the new design!  It’s pretty!
  • Our new, responsive design!  On a desktop?  On a smart phone?  On a tablet?  It’s all good!  The site is designed to work well and be full-featured regardless of how you’re accessing it – and transition seamlessly between devices.
  • So much streaming goodness!  Even CFS episodes can be streamed!
  • Speaking of CFS… it’s fully integrated in to the new site!  Now, a single login works on both the subscription sites, and for CFS – same shopping cart and checkout process, as well.
  • Speaking of CFS some more (there’s just so much to say!) you’ll notice it now showcases and offers up Collections – and we have loads more awesome Collections planned.  Making the subscription sites even more awesome, though, Exclusive episodes will soon start rolling out there!  If you have an existing CF account that uses the same e-mail as your CFS account, the CF login info is all you need now for everything!  If you used a different e-mail address for a subscription and for CFS, no problem!  Simply submit a support ticket and we will get them merged in to one.
  • Support tickets!  We now use ZenDesk and their awesome, robust support system for feedback and tickets to ensure everything is taken care of as quickly as possible, and as thoroughly as possible.
  • Episodes every day!  Every! Day!  With CFS Exclusive episodes rolling out on CF, you’ll be treated to a release every day and your CF subscription ensures you won’t miss any of the hot action.

There’s more… and more… and more!  And we’ll have more CorbinsCampus updates highlighting the new design and features.  In the meantime, though, give it a look, let us know what you think, and check out the handy tour and tool tips for new visitors.