Making it Happen

You’ve been trading dirty pictures and messages, your calendar is open, and you find your potential partner hot. The next thing you know, you have just agreed to hook up via an app. How do you make this happen?

There are basically two ways, meet in a public place or meet somewhere you can have sex.

1). Is this a date or a hook-up?

If you arrange to meet for a beer or a cup of coffee initially, clarify your intentions. Are you pre-screening them to see if they are who they claim to be? Do they look like their pictures? Are you prepared to go have sex immediately upon mutual agreement? Or, are you taking your time? Are you meeting this afternoon for coffee and then if it goes well, tomorrow night for sex? Warning, most men do not think these hook-ups are not supposed to be a dates.

2). Manage your expectations.

If you don’t meet before, be prepared mentally for a few things.  First of all, it is pretty common that people don’t look like their thumbnail. You may be disappointed in his looks, but give him a chance to show off his personality. A good connection between the two of you could lead to a lot more fun that you might think, trust us on this. As for the site of the hook-up, keep your mind on the task at hand.  You may be hosting, or have a standing arrangement at the Motel 6 by your house, or you may be going somewhere new. If you go to their place, just remember, this is not HGTV.

3). Be prepared to have fun.

In the majority of the situations you should be prepared to immediately have sex. Basic hygiene is recommended: teeth brushed, flossed, and some gum on hand. We recommend showering before if possible, even if at the gym. Wearing deodorant is up to you, some guys will request you not wear it. Occasionally your hook-up will request that you not shower, but again, you should decide what you are comfortable with. Be aware, if they ask you to not shower, they are probably not going to. If you are the host, have your tools handy- lube, cock ring, cum rag, whatever you like. If you are a guest,  bring protection if you discussed it, but leave the toys at home, at least the first time.

4). Here are some rules of engagement.

You and your “Bud” go back to the apartment, hotel, parking lot, wherever. Turn your phone on vibrate. Turn off the app you met on. Wear something attractive, sexy, but easy to get off. We recommend no underwear, unless it is a jock strap, or cute underwear. Leave the belts, jackets, layers at home or in the car. That’s more items to forget, whether you are leaving in a good-sex haze, or in a hurry. There is also a chance you won’t see them again, at least not right away. Don’t expect a shower or cuddle after, be prepared to wipe off with that complimentary rag, put your clothes on and leave. It’s not a date, so don’t expect to be invited to join them in a glass of wine after.

5). Decide what is on the menu before you begin.

Will the hook-up include giving and/or receiving a blowjob? Penetration? Ejaculation? That’s just to name the basic moves. Always be comfortable in your decision. Being bold in your sexting is one thing, but actually doing them is another. You can always change your mind, at any point. If you don’t want to do something, even if you said you did, you can always change your mind. When discussing what your actions are going to be, you should ask about HIV status and any other STDs and STIs. Some are very easy to catch. You should be truthful about your own status and health. Regardless of the answer, always act in your own best interest. If you feel that safe sex is important, then insist on it.

6). Be honest about what you like.

It would be cool, and likely more fun, if you (honestly) discuss and agree upon the events. If you say you are versatile, then be prepared to fuck and be fucked. If you just want to be the top or the bottom, let them know.

Managing expectations is a great way to exceed them.

Have you ever left a hook-up?

What are some of your tips for making them hot?


Apps – Not just for Hook-ups anymore! Well mostly

At CF, we like having fun. And for us that means sex, of all kinds, and we have learned a few things. We already share the highlights in our great videos. Here on Corbin’s Campus, we are going to share our real life experiences. Our goal, to make those few things better in your lives.

Gay Hook Up Apps

There are all types of ways to hook up electronically – phone, tablet, laptop and desk top. It seems like the gay community is well aware of them all. App and phone technology is providing us with some unique and interesting opportunities. While we may not be curing cancer, we are curing boredom.

1). Who uses the apps?

What percentage of the community do you think have profiles? Are you one of them?   It still counts if you just created one for 24 hours to “check it out.” In concept, these apps target single people or those knowingly in an open relationship. The most obvious reason would be to get together for sex, or conduct some sort of cyber sex exchange.

Yet there are so many other ways to enjoy them. The first thing to remember is that everyone is different, and what you may be into, is not necessarily reciprocated. Whether you like to watch, like to judge, or want a quick blow and go, appreciate how much easier these apps have made our lives.

2). Enjoy them for what they are.

Most importantly, try not to take these things too seriously. There are always a few success stories such as, “I met my Husband on Grindr.” Realistically, it’s more like everything else these days, scripted reality that keeps you hooked for a short period of time. Decide what you are really after from this app, and then select a photo to reflect that.

Your picture in a thumbnail lets others know if you are trying to have immediate sex or want a long term relationship. Don’t be surprised if you get blowjob offers when your photo is you, nude in bed. Conversely, if your picture is of you holding a child at Disneyland, don’t be surprised if you do not receive any offers. You may be trying to communicate that you are fun and you like kids. That’s great, but there are better sites for that message!

3). What your photo says about you.

This is a visual medium, so photos are important. Some people choose to not show their face, or they use an image of a sunset. Why is that? There are only a couple of reasons why you would not show your face and none of them are really great reasons. A) You are too hot and you will be swamped, and you can’t have your phone going off 24/7. B) You think you’re not attractive and people won’t want to look at your profile. C) You are worried that your partner or friends will find out, especially if you’re closeted or running for office.

If you identify with the first reason, get over yourself.  If you are that hot, you shouldn’t need an app. In the case of B, it’s really easy to take a flattering photo with the filters and lighting controls on phones. Also keep in mind, most people find self-esteem hot, so focus on that. Those who agree with the third reason, the partner is going to find out, they always do. Be prepared to have that discussion. If you are closeted, which is your choice, I recommend you close your profile and spend some time figuring out what you really want.

The best advice is to be comfortable with who you are and what you like, then enjoy the show!

What do you think is next step in technology and hooking up?

What’s your favorite hook –up app?

#CF11 Is Coming Up!

#CF11 Anniversary Celebration

#CF11 Anniversary Celebration

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