Get Wet With CF!

A gaggle of Corbin Fisher guys will be at the XPosedLV pool party at the Tropicana in Las Vegas this weekend.  If you’re going to be around, I suggest you not miss out on the change to hang out with ‘em!

CF guys @ XPosed, June 14!

CF guys @ XPosed, June 14!

A Smattering of KC Photos

Who knew that, as we’ve traveled and filmed all over the world, Kansas City would prove itself to be among the most picturesque locations we’d ever shot in!?

We’ve added loads of new photos to (just Browse through the Kansas City and Latest Additions galleries!), and here are a few of the KC pics for your enjoyment.

And how is it I’ve known Connor for all these years, yet had no clue he could skate?

Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City

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Blasts From The Past – CF in KC

With the release of Kennedy and Zeb’s action episode and our recent trivia contest, everyone knows we took a bunch of guys to Kansas City to film some scenes where CF began 10 years ago. Yup! Kansas City isn’t just home to world-famous BBQ and mediocre professional sports teams – Kansas City is where Corbin Fisher got its start way, way back in 2004.

(Actually, CF began even before that – we started recruiting guys and filming material in 2003, and it was January 2004 that the site actually launched. Imagine how tough it was back in those days to recruit and film guys when we didn’t even have a website to show them! “Uh… trust me! This is for a website. I promise. What website? Erm… it’s not online and doesn’t exist yet but it will, I swear. Now… get naked and jerk off please!”)

If you’ve been a long-time fan of CF, you will surely recognize some of the sights and locales that pop up in our Kansas City 2014 episodes. For those that might need a refresher, though, here are some blast-from-the-past photos, with their modern equivalents. Thankfully, many of the places we’d snap pics of guys at back in 2004 still exist today – something that would not be the case if we’d started out in Las Vegas 10 years ago; Steve Wynn would have imploded any of the old sights and there’d be some mega resort casino shopping mall convention center in its place.

(Pete's hair again.  And a bridge.)

(Pete’s hair. And a bridge.)

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