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Corbin Fisher PhotographyHere’s something you might be interested in!  We’ve launched!  At the site, you can browse through tons and tons of our most popular images featuring your favorite guys, and order prints, cards, framed prints – heck, you can even get a Connor coffee mug and Trenton t-shirt (but if you do get a Trenton t-shirt, or one featuring any other guy, you must send me a photo of you wearing it!).

You’ll see that ordering prints is fairly easy – you browse through and select the image(s) you want, then select the physical item you want to have feature that image (print, cards, and so on).  If you need to crop the image at all, you’ll be prompted to do so.  During the shopping process, you can also click on items for descriptions of what they entail and feature.  Then, simply order up!  SmugMug, the company we’ve partnered with to do this, handles it all and gets the stuff to ya!

During on-location shoots, it’s not uncommon for our photographer to snap some pretty cool pics of the local sights and scenery and we’ve included those, as well, in case you might want ‘em.  We’ll also constantly be adding new photos so keep checking back!



Note for CF10 VIPs

If you attended the VIP events for #CF10, check your email!  And keep an eye out for your photos in your physical snail mail also.  hehe.  I figure it’s a good idea to post this here because spam filters love me.

So Much Busy!!

Holy moly we’ve been busy as of late!

As you may have noticed, the backend for the site is entirely new.  The old backend had been there foreeeeeever.  Jesus programmed it.  That’s how old it was.  The problem with such old code is you can’t hardly do anything to it, so our IT team has been working for quite awhile now entirely rebuilding the backend to get it out of the stone age and get something in place that we can actually work with and do something with.  That backend is in place now, and so we’ll be rolling out the fancy shmancy new design on this new backend very soon.  I think you’ll quite like the new design – it’s pretty damn neat, the features and navigation will be quite cool, and it’ll enable us to do cool stuff with the site that we couldn’t do before.  There were definitely some issues getting all this new code in place but I think we’ve managed to sort those out.

CF10 was prettyyyyy sweeeeeet!  Everyone here in CF Land is still raving about it.  We had a blast meeting all the fans that attended, the party was fun, the tour was fun.  I’ll be honest – we had no idea what to expect!  We’ve never done anything like it and have never opened up CF to people in such a way but we’re all in agreement here that we can’t wait to do it again after having had so much fun this first time around.  CF15?  CF11?  CF10.5?  hah!  Who knows, but we’ll be doing another for sure!

Here’s a few pics of the guys in the photobooth at the 10th anniversary party.

If you attended, I still gotta e-mail ya!  I have a backlog of e-mails I’m working on but we’re setting up a fancy thing where attendees can view and access their photos, as well as getting them prepped to mail to ya.  In fact, I believe we’ll be mailing them out this week!  You’ll get digital copies and the prints we mail.

Anyways, just wanted to post this quick update since this blog has been in sleeper mode for awhile!

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Scandalous in Scandinavia

Scandalous in Scandinavia


Now available at CF Select – Scandalous in Scandinavia!

You’ve likely already seen some Scandinavia scenes released on the membership site, but the Scandalous in Scandinavia Collection at CF Select features 5 entirely exclusive scenes with Josh, Brayden, Trenton, Reagan and Easton, and 5 hot scenes at that!  Each scene includes extended b-roll and behind-the-scenes footage, on top of the full-length hardcore action.  My personal favorite is the Josh and Trenton POV scene – those two boys and a couple handicams make for some naughty fun!  Why can’t my travel/tourist videos ever be that hot!?

Besides Trenton & Josh’s POV Fuck, there’s:

  • Trenton Fucks Brayden in Copenhagen 
  • Reagan & Josh’s Sauna Fuck
  • Down and Dirty in Denmark
  • Brayden Submits to Josh

Let’s just say the guys most definitely took advantage of their time together and abroad to get wild and kinky, and it sh0ws in these vids!

As always, CF members get a discount on all CF Select purchases, so be sure to get your hands on the Collection!