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12 comments on “About

  1. Scott on said:

    I think we need to see some good old-fashioned horseplay on campus. I’d love to see some of the guys in tickle fights and attacks.

  2. wander colonial on said:

    i like all d guys i see in dis name corbin

  3. kevin on said:

    harley is sex on a stick! or maybe parallel bars . . .

  4. CF Fans on said:

    Where is Derek?
    I really miss him

  5. Need to get back to old school where’s the heartthrobs Lucas, Jeff, Ben, Spencer, Cade, Trevor ???

  6. Anonymous on said:

    Corbin Marc needs to be on the deans list he’s one of your hottest models.

  7. jamiewet on said:

    I think there should be more wet scenes. Guys who get wet in their jeans and t shirts (pushed in ppol or shoved in shower) at the beginning.. so we can admire their bodies first through wet clothing. – I know I would buy more. Love to see Connor get soaked.

  8. OMG… I love a lot of guys in this campus!!!

  9. Connor is King of the Campus!

  10. Anonymous on said:

    I love Derek, Josh, and Dixon.. Make a scene with three of the hottest model, CF..