Ashley shows Reed (and Harper) who’s boss!

Say, "Hurt me!"


So … chime in with comments as Ashley and Reed post their comments on today’s scene at Corbin Fisher, Ashley Dominates Harper & Reed!

Ashley – how was this one compared to some of the other dom scenes you’ve done for CF?

Ashley: The initial level of fear was something I loved! Once the guys relaxed the scene started to pick up some. As always, in the long run we all had a great time.


Reed, you really did seem nervous. Now that it’s all over, would you recommend it for other guys?

Reed: I was pretty nervous at first, not as nervous as Harper was but over all it was really fun id do it again. I’d suggest this to our more vertean models.

Neither of them are happy I took this picture ...


Harper was definitely nervous …

A: He’s a scaredy cat! Lets just say that by the end of the video he was wasn’t scared anymore 😉

R: His fear during the video, really fed the fire that caused my fear. :(


What part did you like best?

A: HOw eager they were to play woth eachother for my pleasure :) (ADMIN NOTE – Leaving her typos in  – she really got all excited again!)

R: I Just loved pleasing the lovely Miss Ashley , Oh and did I mention the blind fold.


Ashley (if I may call you Ashley?) …


A: Yes, that’s fine.

At least until we are in front of the camera … what is it about bending these hot studs to your will that you like (is that a silly question?)

A: Why yes, that IS a silly question! Who WOULDN’T want these two as your personal play things? Lets just say I’m a fan myself.


Reed, how did it feel being at her mercy? Blindfolded, helpless, a double-headed dildo in your butt – what was going through your mind?

R: I enjoyed being blindfolded A Lot!!! it was really intense not actually knowing who was doing what to me!!

 I see we have a comment. I think it’s for Harper, too, but we’ll let y’all run with it:

 Hey guys. Did you two like being dominated or would you prefer to do the dominating?

R:  I enjoyed being dominated by Ash but I think it would be fun to do some dominating of my own


I don’t see that happening with Ashley …

A: Ya … I’m going to say no thanks. BUT! I will train you to dom someone else 😉

That brings up an excellent question – who here (besides me!) needs to get dominated?

A: Landon could use a slice of humble pie lol

 OUCH! I wonder how that tastes? Reed, who do you vote for?

R: it probably tastes a lot like Ass. Zeb would be a perfect candidate I could pick him up and spin him around.

My vote is for either Cameron or Tom … Cameron because he would get SUPER nervous-

A: … or he would run screaming, which I have seen him do (but he was running from a huge dick). It would take a more concerted effort to get him in line I think.

Or Tom, since he kind of dominated Dawson over at CF Select … so it’s probably his turn to have a taste of some humble pie.

R: Tom’s cool but ya definitely.

Tom is like you, Reed – he can’t keep a shirt on around here –Oh, come on, really, dude?

Ashley and I have great jobs ...


Anything else about this we should tell fans – other than it was supremely hot. Ashley, you know I love all your dom videos, but there was something special about this one.

A: I do have a soft spot for these 2 …

Hmmm … is that why we didn’t see the nipple clamps this time?

A: Actually ya! Poor Harper needed some coddling anyways, the clamps would have made it worse. Although, the thought of seeing him wearing them, swinging against his chest while he fucked Reed …*SIGH*

Reed, you up for the clamps?

R: What ever my Mistress desires!!!

That’s kind of what we ALL say around here!

 Okay, thanks guys and if we get some more comments I’ll come grab you – if you haven’t tied him up, Ashley …

A: During most daylight hours they run free. Thanks for chatting folks!

R: I’m not going to lie id run like hell

OMG – Don’t scare the guys or we’re all going to get in trouble now!

 Thanks and see you back on Campus soon, I hope!