Kellan, Kellan, Kellan!

Kellan and Harper lookin' sexy

Kellan and Harper lookin’ sexy

Kellan’s in action with Harper at Corbin Fisher today, and it’d seem this young man is intent on making himself a candidate for Best Facial Expressions and/or Most Passionate CF Stud!  For a guy that disappeared from CF for so long and took forever to decide he’d be wiling to give guy/guy action a shot, he’s sure jumped in to things with gusto!  Mind you, I’m not complaining!  I was excited enough when he first agreed to do a scene with a guy, but now that I’ve seen him in a couple I’m ecstatic!

And is it just me or is he looking sexier than ever in that pic above?  Wait until you see the video, though!  Here’s a taste!

Harper does Kellan's nipples right

Harper does Kellan’s nipples right