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Thursday’s A Big Day at CF!



Because that happens :)





Guess the top!

Well, you can see from the gif below it’s Trenton bottoming.  But who’s the top?  Who’s making Trenton’s eyes roll back like that?  Care to venture a guess?  The video comes out on Labor Day (fittingly, as Trenton’s facial expressions kind of look like he’s in labor in some of the video).

Trenton likes it... he really really likes it!

Trenton likes it… he really really likes it!

Here’s an additional hint, complete with a partial top’s shadow on the wall…



And just for the hell of it – let’s put up a special one-day sale at Corbin Fisher!  Get it while the gettin’s good!

Sale?! OMG!

Sale?! OMG!


The Top-Rated CF Videos of 2013 (So far)

It’s been a big year at Corbin Fisher, and we’re only just over half way through!  A number of videos released this year are already among our top-rated videos of all-time and here I’m sharing a little run-down of the most popular releases of 2013 so far, as determined by the star-ratings by members.

Have your favorite videos made the list?

10. Cameron Rides Chandler

9. Sylas Gets Fucked (by Aiden)

8. Quinn Rocks Aiden’s World

7. Breaking in Gentry (with Quinn)

6. Quinn’s Tag Team (with Chandler and Aiden)

5. Kellan Creampies Harper

4. Kellan & Scott Get Wet

Which videos made the top 3?  Find out after the jump!


Who Tops Kellan?

Here’s a little sneak peek of a video that’s coming out later this week (Thursday, Aug 8… but we may release it a bit early to be nice!):

Kellan Getting Fucked


Care to wager a guess as to who’s on top?  Or does it matter, so long as Kellan’s bottoming (which, obviously, he is)?