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Corbin Fisher Guys Out and About in Vegas

These last couple weeks, several of the Corbin Fisher guys have been out and about having some fun in Vegas –  a bunch of the guys were at the XPosed Las Vegas beach party at the Tropicana Resort on June 14, and several of the guys also hit up opening weekend at the new Liaison Nightclub on The Strip.

The XPosed Las Vegas beach party is a big, hot, gay beach/pool party that takes place every weekend at the Tropicana’s fancy schmancy outdoor pool area.  There’s a reasonably good chance you’ll see some of the CF studs there on a bit of a regular basis, so if you’re in Las Vegas you’ll most definitely want to hit it up.

The Liaison is a new club that opened up at Bally’s on The Strip.

The guys had a blast at each, and we figured we’d share some of the photos from the events with you all!

Liaison XposedLV XposedLV XposedLV XposedLV XposedLV Feet! XposedLV

A Smattering of KC Photos

Who knew that, as we’ve traveled and filmed all over the world, Kansas City would prove itself to be among the most picturesque locations we’d ever shot in!?

We’ve added loads of new photos to (just Browse through the Kansas City and Latest Additions galleries!), and here are a few of the KC pics for your enjoyment.

And how is it I’ve known Connor for all these years, yet had no clue he could skate?

Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City

DVDs and Photos and Pr0n, oh my!

Just in case you’re not yet aware, a few über-hot DVDs have been released at – Tres Facheros, All American Loads, and Magna Cum Loudly are all for sale.  As always CF members get a fat discount on purchases of any merchandise at the store!

People have also been snatching up prints and more from  In fact, mousepads are the second-highest seller there after actual 8×10 prints themselves.  I wasn’t entirely certain how the non-print merchandise would sell when we launched the photography store but apparently people love them some hot mousepads.

At the photography store, use the CAMPUS10 coupon code between now and the end of March and get 10% off!  But shh… that’s our little secret.

Corbin Fisher Photography


Corbin Fisher’s Best of 2013

It’s that time of year again – where you vote on the Best of 2013 at Corbin Fisher!  It’s up to you to determine everyone from the best new model to the best on-location video.  We’ve narrowed down the nominees based on star-rating and popularity on Corbin Fisher and CFSelect, but the final tallies are determined by you!  One vote per person, and voting ends at midnight on December 31, 2013, and in January we’ll announce the winners on Pete’s Attic!

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