Corbin Fisher On Display

There’s always a lot of exhibitionism going on at CF, but we’ve found ourselves getting the tables turn on us, with Corbin Fisher being on display!

What does that mean?  Well… a museum in Germany is doing an exhibit on the history of erotica, and there will be a whole section of it devoted to CF.  We’ve sent all kinds of neat CF artifacts off to the museum for display, including the very first DV tape we ever filmed a scene on – the first one!

Mind you – this tape was used over 11 years ago, and has quite a fascinating story around it.  The 3 guys featured in the separate solo videos on the tape have never appeared on the site.  Let’s just say… you probably don’t want to see them and we’ve come a long way in the years since :D  On top of that, when Corbin himself was processing one of the 2 DV tapes he’d filmed these early scenes on (there were 2 cameras, each shooting from different angles), he accidentally erased an entire tape!  Yup… the 3 first scenes we ever filmed were unusable because half the footage was accidentally erased.

We’ll keep you all posted on the actual exhibit in Berlin in case any of you are in the neighborhood and feel like checking it out.  We’ll also aim to get some images of the display so you can see what it looked like and included.  In the meantime, I did want to share one screengrab from that very first tape that I felt is worth showing on here…

Oh... hi, ankle monitoring device.

Oh… hi, ankle monitoring device.

Suffice to say, trying to get some good foot shots can be a bit difficult when the model has a monitoring device fixed to his ankle.  Maybe there’s someone out there with a very particular fetish that gets off on that kind of thing?

Surf’s Up!

Or… to be more precise… A man-made artificial wave pool is up!  Granted, those can be just as fun – as evidenced by these pics of a few of the CF guys having themselves some fun in the water.

Don’t worry – Jacob, Marc and Ellis all emerged reasonably unscathed, and we practically had to drag them out of the water since they were having such a blast.

Ellis Wave Jacob Wave Marc Wave


You do have to admit… that does look painful fun!  And does anyone else notice how, even when flailing and wiping out in a wave, Marc is just beyond happy and brightly smiling?

Surf, Sand, Sun and CF Studs

As you know, a bunch of the guys went down to San Diego to meet fans and make an appearance at Rich’s (a club in Hillcrest).  While there, they were also sure to get some quality time in down on the beach!  Of course, we have loads of sand and sun here in Vegas but for some reason shirtless football out in the desert isn’t that popular?  Either way, not only did the guys have a  ton of fun down in San Diego but we were smart enough to have a camera around to capture their beach antics!

Check out the pics after the jump!


Some BTS Photos from KC

As you’re likely aware (one should hope, or we haven’t been doing our job!), we recently released our Kansas City Collection at CF Select.  Here’s a smattering of behind-the-scenes photos from that shoot for you to enjoy – ya know, just the guys hangin’ out and being their g̶o̶o̶f̶y̶ sexy selves.  Check ‘em out after the jump!